Dear fellow terrarium owners and friends of the beautiful Anolis-lizards,

This page was created to give you an overview of the Anolis-lizards inhabiting the Lesser Antilles, particularly the windward islands from Anguilla in the north to Grenada in the south. On this page, you can find pictures and short descriptions of all Anolis-species inhabiting the windward islands .

By now (2017) there have been described more than 400 species of Anolis, wich makes Anolis the largest genus of all amniaota by numbers of species. 21 of these species live on the windward islands. All these species make great pets and are not hard to keep in a terrarium. I will show you, what to pay attention to and give you valuable tips on their care.

By the way: the array of the species in the sidebar matches their geographical range from north to south.

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Gregor Weidlich

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